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Mission Fellowship


Morning Read

The Missions Fellowship


JUNE 2024 | 2PM - 5PM


7 Armenian Street #03-07 Bible House

Singapore 179932

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In the month of June, every Saturday from 2pm - 5pm
we continue the discussion on apologetics
and it's applications in our daily lives.

The Mission Fellowship Sharings takes place every Saturday at The Bible House Singapore, where we go through biblical teachings and sharings by Reverend Doctor Malcom Tan.


In these sessions Reverend Doctor Malcom Tan helps us Christians establish “The Case for Christianity”. Through his years of ministry and studies he has taken the time now to give us an insight into how to better understand the Christian Faith, Biblical worldviews and the Uniqueness of Jesus Christ.

We are now on spotify!

Keep up to date with us and the sessions on our Spotify!

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