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Building God's Kingdom

May God bless you for your generous gift.
Please choose one of the following donation methods:


Scan QR Code with your iBanking app

Internet Banking/Paypal

Make safe transactions online


Send via traditional mail


Download GIRO form

and return it to SU 

Leaving a Legacy

Regardless of whether we write our memoirs or not, we are remembered in the

end by our actions.


For the causes we help to advance, for the number of people we point to Christ - in short, our impact in others' lives; in this light, we invite you to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider including Scripture Union Singapore in your long-term plans.

Your gift to us will be managed by our trustees and will be invested for SU Singapore's ministries, thus ensuring a legacy that will last beyond ourselves. Your gift can take on many forms, including: 

  • An asset or an amount of money

  • A specific percentage, balance or residue of your estate

  • A gift from a retirement fund


We will engage a qualified solicitor whom you feel comfortable working with, or work alongside your existing legal counsel, in order to find the best way forward.

May the Lord bless you.

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Leaving a Legacy

​Email or call +65 6337 1437

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