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"Have Faith, Worry not, fear not" - SUPA Camp 2019

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

SUPA (Scripture Union Primary Age) Camp brought together 80 children campers and 40 youth and adult leaders, on 27th -30th Nov 2019 at The New Charis Mission. The campers learnt how to pitch their ‘faith tents’ through the three lessons: “Worry Not”, “Fear Not” and “Have Faith”!

Our prayer for the campers: We pray that the children will grow like cacti having deep roots in the knowledge that God loves them They will store God’s Word in their hearts and stay vigilant from the evil one, by having the Shield of faith and Sword of the Spirit They will grow their faith in the Lord just like the seeds in their ‘Cuppa Faith’ (a cup with green beans, which the campers had to carry along with them everywhere they went during camp. This was to enable them to watch the green beans grow, the same manner in which our faith grows, when we follow Jesus.)

We thank all our supporters for making this SUPA Camp possible: The youth leaders who kept watch over the children campers, the adult volunteers who gave their time to ensure the seamless running of the camp and last but not least, our donors who gave generously.


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