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A Passion to Nurture

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Steven walked into SU equipped with a water bottle in hand. He had just came from a medical appointment and made his schedule available for this interview. With a warm smile, Steven reflects on his volunteering experiences and shares how God has been with him through this faith journey.  As a young kid, Steven was hanging out with friends at Bukit Merah and chanced upon the Scripture Union bookstore. That was his first encounter with SU, little did he expect to become a SU volunteer and to be nurturing young lives.  Fast forward, boy meets girl, called Mabel, they got married and God blessed them with 3 wonderful children. Family commitments did not mean less time, in fact, the couple continued to serve, with Mabel as a children ministry pre-school teacher while Steven was mentoring youths through activity based program such as royal rangers for almost 18 years. 

Steven and his wife have gained many skills while volunteering at SU events. As each child is unique, they have learnt to be creative in communicating with children and adaptable while managing a group of campers. What started out as "passion for children" has also led the couple traveling to many countries. God has opened doors for them to lead mission trips to Cambodia and Myanmar, there they demonstrated God's love to the children and their families. However, Steven shares his most memorable trip was spending a month in Malacca to volunteer for 4 consecutive SU Holiday Trek Programme camps in 2017.  As a Trek Leader, meant he had to wake up earlier for his personal bible devotional before preparing the lessons for campers’ to immerse in their devotion, praise and worship.  He chuckles while recalling how physically draining it was but deep in his spirit was an unspeakable joy and gave thanks to God for providing supernatural strength.  "Seeing the children laughing, enjoying and excited for the next day at camps makes it all worth while." says Steven. His sense of fulfillment is further fueled when parents thank him for helping to look after their children, so that they can have a peace of mind and fully concentrate on the camps program. What really made his day was being greeted as "teacher" by a SU camper on the street, and knowing he has made an impact in their lives.  Come join Steven and our team of volunteers, the requirement is simply; A Passion to Nurture. 


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