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SUPA Camp 2023

Updated: Jan 25

What an exciting and amazing camp we had for SUPA 2023! This year we decided to have more outdoor activities because of our theme BRAVE HEART. The venue was chosen carefully to enhance the learning experience of the children. As they moved around Changi Village on their quests, the children learned that to be brave for God meant to do the right thing even though the plan sounded silly or when everyone else did not believe in it or when they did not feel like carrying it out. Being brave meant to follow God's plan no matter what. It was a miracle that the skies over Changi Village remained clear and blue for all our outdoor activities (we heard that heavy rain poured over the western part of Singapore). We give thanks to God for His goodness and His protection over 61 campers and leaders. If you missed this year's camp, see you at SUPA camp 2024!

Below are the testimonies from the camp.


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