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Volunteer Stories - Sugiharto

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

To me, children are an important asset for the next generation. There was a clip I saw ‘You’re Losing Us’ that struck me and taught me how important children are. I was a Sunday School child despite my family not being Christian. Though I had yet to believe in Jesus Christ during Sunday School days, the Living Word remained in me until one day at age 18 the Holy Spirit touched me and guided me, to understand the truth that we are all sinners. That helped me experience the love of God who died on the cross for our sins which changed my entire life; coming to know, to love and serve Him.

Back in Indonesia, I served in the main congregation in a rostered team to help prepare the one-year sermon topics and schedule the guest pastors, as well as serving in the teens’ ministry. However, moving to Singapore there was a call to serve in the Children’s Ministry. A few years later I learned about SU and I thought I needed ‘something’ to evaluate myself and seek guidance. I, therefore, signed up for the CPCM program. Since then I am a regular volunteer with SU and later, my wife joined me as well to volunteer with SU. Though it is tiring, there are many blessings and joys when serving God, especially when seeing the children want to know Jesus and grow in Christ.

When volunteering with SU, the brothers and sisters supported one another, making each event a unique and memorable experience. As a volunteer, I learned a lot from Brother David Leong, Pastor Flora, and Sister Monica. There was a time when Brother David Leong and I volunteered in the Holiday Trek Program in Desaru, Johor. The electricity went off from afternoon till night but we still carried on with the program, thanks be to God! David Leong told me we needed to roll up our sleeves and ‘play by ear’.

Praise the Lord, the children were attentive and enjoyed the games and the teaching, all under the dim emergency light near the main lobby. One memorable lesson I have learnt from SU is that if you cannot control the children, the children will control you. So be prepared always, pray and experience the love and the power of God.


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