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SU Vietnam (HCMC): A Pursuing Ministry

Updated: May 3, 2021

We pursue one life for God because we have a pursuing God. That's something always easy to say than to do. But when we purse one life, we would understand that it is Him, who is pursuing, not us.

There had a boy name, Hung, in one of our Online classes. His father's side is a family with many ministers of the gospel, but something happened that made it hard for this 13-year-old boy was that he lost His dad when he was little. Growing up, Hung addicted to games and had a poor performance both in school and at home. His mom prayed and believed only God's Words could change him so when she knew our Online class, she signed up for him but since it was not his will, he reluctantly joined. As a result, his Bible coach and his class suffered. Hung did not do self-study before class, very uncooperative with his sleepy face and negative attitudes. His Bible coach was frustrated after weeks making efforts, almost gave up.

After many messages back and forth, she called Hung's mom and encouraged her not to be sad if she could not do anything else. But listening to the mother's heart; she was touched and motived to try again but again nothing changed. Hung clearly showed his attitude against what the class were doing, and even he stopped joining the class. The Bible coach somehow had an impression that Hung was sent to this class for a purpose. So, with his mom's permission, she boldly shared with other parents in the class to pray specially for Hung.

God started working in this young man's heart. No longer after that Hung himself told his mom he wanted to be back to the class. It was really a turning point! Growing in God's Word with friends and with the love and care of his mother, Hung now stopped playing game, his study was clearly improved. And we all can tell his improvements in his discoveries and desires for God's Word in the class.

We pursue one life for God because we have a pursuing God. That's something hard to do but when we know it is Him who do the pursuit we know we should never lose hope or give up on one life that He is happy to give us.


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