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Testimony by Elizabeth Le from SU Vietnam (HCMC)

Updated: May 3, 2021

There is a saying that: "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." That's true, especially for Christian teachers.

Last Sunday, my niece - Giang Mi got her baptism at the age of 16. Although her parents are godly people, they always wish that some day Giang Mi will have her own relationship with God. It didn't happen in just one day, but with a process.

In Mi's testimony video about when and how she committed her life to God, she said it happened in a SUPA camp in Singapore when a teacher asked if anyone wanted to dedicate life to God. At that moment, Mi raised her hand, responding to that invitation. I was crying when watching her testimony, and thank God for His work above my imagination. Besides, that was the only SUPA camp that she has joined, and that was the one God used to touch my niece's heart. And that moment lasts until today and to be continued as my niece has decided to confess her faith in Christ. I am grateful and joyful for her salvation in Christ, at the same time, so proud of your works in SU Singapore.

My niece can not remember the teacher who invited her to come to God, but that teacher's word and work was so precious to her. Yes, we are doing anonymous but eternal work - teaching God's word to children and creating moments for them to meet God personally. What a great privilege!

With gratefulness, Elizabeth Le

SU Vietnam (HCMC)

Photo: Mi in black attire and Kairos is first from the right.


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