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Succeeding Moses, Joshua led the children of Israel across River Jordan on dry land 1406 BC. Learn about the 2 spies sent into Jericho, their meeting Rahab, and the amazing faith she had in the God of Israel. Watch how God writes His story through the lives of the least likely people - Rahab the prostitute, Gideon the fearful, Samson the womaniser and more. With fascinating insights, this book provides an interesting look at the history of the Bible from Joshua to Samuel. Discover for yourself the timeless lessons hidden in the days when Israel had no king, when everyone did as he saw fit. 

Israel Under Joshua and Judges

  • The Writer: Rev Dr Alfred Yeo Chee Heng teaches the Word of God in the past 60 years in Singapore and overseas He pastored Telok Ayer and Grace Methodist Churches for 22 years He served as General Secretary of Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore and Evangelical Fellowship of Asia for 10 years He served Scripture -Union and served as Vice President of Chinese Church Union. Singapore.

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