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Using every English translation of the Bible at her disposal, Margaret Ruth Baker has carefully chosen the most vivid and inspiring words and phrases and expanded them into a poetic tapestry of biblical promises. Listen as God's words come alive. You may remember reading these passages before, but they have never spoken to you like this--assurance of provision, protection, new life, affection, and covenant. Thoughtfully categorized according to topic and theme, each group of paraphrased verses is introduced with a prophetic encouragement. She leads readers on a journey through Scripture, personalizing God's promises and unfolding the destiny He has for those who draw close to Him. You will hear your name whispered in the pages of A Long Love Letter, and you will learn to seek the treasures that can only be found in knowing the Father. Whether you long for healing, renewal, or increased vitality in your walk with Christ, this book will motivate you to enter into an intimate, conversational relationship with the Lover of your soul. Ultimately, you will discover that God's love letter was intended for all people, and you will be encouraged to share with others the relationship with God that you were created to enjoy.


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A Long Love Letter

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