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Testimony for SU Camp 2018

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Back in 2018, I was invited by a friend to join this camp. At that point I was not yet a Christian and I didn't have any understanding on who God is; everything was completely new to me. Thankfully, I could bring along another close friend of mine to join the camp with me. It made everything less threatening.

At the start of the camp, there were introductions and ice breakers that helped lighten up the mood for everybody. After that we were separated into our own individual groups with leaders in each. I remembered how nervous I was when I realised that my friend was in a different group. Looking back, it was clear that God wanted me to learn to be independent and mingle with other people.

Towards the last day of camp, there was this praise and worship that deeply touched my heart unlike any I have ever attended. It was the first time I experienced how much Jesus loves me! I felt all sort of bondages in my life disappearing and finally, it seemed that my soul had found its home in the Father's arms forever.

~ Rene Lim, final year student from NAFA

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