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TESTIMONIES - Youth Camp 2019

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

“And although Camp is now over, I hope the relationship I built with God those 4 days will continue, as I return to reality and daily distractions; may the flame of God planted in my heart keep on burning. “

K. Cher (age 15)

“God was telling me, there isn’t a single person who should be left behind and that whenever we need strength to help others, God will provide. God is teaching me... I need to be stronger in my faith; be more confident in sharing so that others will not be left behind. “

S. Nguyen (age 15)

“I felt God encouraging me to lift my burdens and negative thoughts to Him. No matter what difficulties we face, God is always there for us...I want to live fruitfully in His eyes.”

Aaron Chew Nguyen Hoang Huy (age 17)

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