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Volunteer Stories - Alice Ong

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

This is dedicated to friends who have been working (un-noticed) behind the scenes, faithfully serving at SU and in our community. We shine the spotlight on one of our long-serving volunteers, Alice Ong, who has been supporting the administrative work at SU Singapore for more than 10 years as well as Jemma Wong, one of our youngest volunteers. What keeps them motivated? Be inspired by their volunteering journeys.

“Hi! I am Alice, married with 2 children and 4 grandchildren. My daughter is married with 3 boys living in the US. My son is married with a daughter and is currently back in Singapore. I have been a homemaker for the last 30 years. Prior to that, I was in the private sector involved in office administration, Accounting, IT and Consultancy.

10 years ago, I was approached by Mrs Valerie Ong (former SU Council Member) to help SU in clearing the long overdue administrative matters. At that point in time, my children had all completed their studies overseas where I spent most of my time taking care of their needs in Australia. When my season in Australia ended, I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him in SU Singapore.

SU had been a part of my growing up years and I have seen the fruits of their work in young lives and have personally tasted His goodness through the Inter-School Christian Fellowship and SU camps. It is therefore my desire to see the continuity of the good work of SU in the young community, grooming them to be future leaders for God’s Kingdom. Volunteering brings back sweet memories, in particular, attending the SU camp at Pulau Tekong in 1969 as a teenager.

Now I experience joy, being able to contribute to the organization being a good steward of time doing God’s work and fulfilling His call. Volunteering can be tiring. But seeing the children have a great time while sowing seeds to equip and empower them with God’s Word, is my greatest reward.”

Hello! I am Jemma, the second eldest from a family of 6 children and am 18 years old this year. I enjoy sports, making short comedy films, film and music.

2011: I was first introduced to SU via the annual Scripture Union Primary Age (SUPA) camp, and was a camper at 8 years old.

2016: At 13 years old, I joined SUPA camp as a junior leader and later on became a group leader.

2019: At 16 years old, I interned with SU Children's Ministry for half a year and witnessed the 'behind the scenes' and preparation before the camp. I shadowed Pastor Flora and was eventually given segments of the teaching session to facilitate.

Q: What do you feel most passionate about when you volunteer? I am very passionate about helping children to understand who God is and to make teaching sessions as fun as possible; something I hope they will look forward to. I pray that they would get to know God and experience His love through us.

Q: What is one thing that you feel you have contributed as a volunteer? Energy! Kids these days are so energetic and I think SU has benefited greatly from having volunteers to help out with the kids.

Q: How has volunteering benefitted you? Volunteering with SU refreshes me. As I am always in the company of teenagers in school, it is such a nice change to interact with children. Volunteering can be tiring but God's strength refreshes me. By nature I am very independent, however when faced with difficulties in engaging children, I have learnt to rely on God for advice. Connecting with children has also helped me understand and be more loving towards my younger sisters.

Q: Can you describe a memorable event while volunteering? During the 2018 SUPA camp, I volunteered as an assistant group leader and had developed a sore throat. One of the children laid hands and prayed for healing for my sore throat. Gradually, the sore throat went away and I could speak without pain! God must have seen the heart of the child who was praying for me – so filled with faith and conviction! This encounter really encourages me to call on the name of the Lord.

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking of volunteering with SU? Go for it! The harvest field is big and wide. If working with children doesn't suit you, you can still contribute as there are many volunteering scopes that require different skill sets. But most importantly, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." -Proverbs 3: 5-6

Always wanted to volunteer but not sure how to start? Do you know that with virtual events, you can now volunteer from the comfort of your homes? Simply email your name and contact number to or call 63371437 to get an update on our latest volunteering opportunities!

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