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SU Vietnam (HCMC): WOMAN OF Peace

Updated: May 3, 2021

All ministries are looking for men and women of peace in different aspects, and it's biblical to expect so. Few years ago, Thanh's group came to our VBS training through Facebook posts. Our team was touched knowing that she and her younger brother, a start-up businessman, had been serving homeless illiterate kids. Over a dinner fellowship we initiated, we grew in loving these young folks, who dedicated their lives for next generation in their local church and denomination, Presbyterian. Oct partnership began. You may call that "God's ordained meetings" because we really feel that way. Thanh is our "woman of peace" - we thought. We did not know God has prepared another young lady under her care for a greater task as a woman of peace. Her name is Nhung. She is a H'mong, tribal girl, loving her people. H'mong has biggest number of populations of ethnic group, not only in Vietnam but also overseas. Through Nhung, our curriculums, were brought to her villages and all villages that their ministries are in. They trained hundreds of teachers every year. And what amazed as is that they translated our books and songs into H'mong and make all kinds of printings and music messages in H'mong! We can't be thankful enough. We can't go this far without this one girl, named Nhung. When she came to us, we did not know that she was the key to open those doors, to bless thousands of children in H'mong villages. Thank God for all of His ordained meetings for as to experience that He has His children everywhere for His purposes, just like He has you for us in these challenging but exciting years. We pray that these fruits would encourage all of us as we are participating in His works different ways with our gifts and opportunities. Glory to Him!

Esther Phan & SU Team


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