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SU Vietnam (HCMC): Stories of God's Grace

Updated: May 3, 2021

Dear Partners & Friends,

We have found this one person who dreams to preserve one child at a time. Have you found one for the children God has placed around you? Scripture Union had a volunteer, 10 years ago, by the name, Thu (Michelle). She started with cutting crafts, just as many of us did, at the beginning. But this girl, Michelle was cutting those for kids with passion to preserve Christian leaders for the future. She many times told us to affirm what we were doing and sharing her heart with us. Years passed, she had tuberculosis, too serious that she was concluded to die at the age of 21. God saved her and put us all into amazement. But after that, with the nature of her sickness, Michelle found so hard to come back to communities, how much more for ministries.

Then Covid occurred, she found herself desiring for things that she has longed many years, it's preserving the next generation, so she started with her local church. They have invited her to lead the next generation ministry of their church. She immediately agreed and then shared 3 perspectives that she wanted to church leadership to embrace if they wanted her to be there:

1) "Discipleship starts from home, please teach your parenting members to do this." She said.

2) "These 40 children are 40 members, it's a small church. Children needs shepherds, not just someone who lecture them on Sunday and keep them quiet. Please send your best teachers to disciple these children."

3) "Teenagers are wild, and we are losing them soon if we keep this pace, please find them a mentor for each teen."

As the leadership said yes to her wisdom, the ministry kicked off and flied high. And what put me to tears are pictures of the adults of her church walking along side with each teenager, sharing so much tears and joy of their teenage journey. Our generation needs those like Michelle, don't we? The one who is bringing dreams into reality, and really striving to preserve one child at a time.

Thanks for supporting our staff (now) like Michelle to preserve the next godly Christian generation leaders in Vietnam. We are grateful for your partnership!

Esther & SU Team.

S.U.V. N

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