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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

The Last Kings of Judah — Vol 1 & 2

Price: $22.00/per book

After Solomon, we fast forward to the last 8 kings of Judah - Hezekiah to Zedekiah. When Assyrian army besieged Jerusalem. King Hezekiah pleaded to God, who sent an angel to massacre 185,000 Assyrian men in one night. When Hezekiah was at his death bed. God extended his life by 15 years. Hezekiah's son Manasseh was wicked king for he rejected God for idols. He was captured by the Assyrian king and sent to Babylon. In his suffering he repented and returned to God. Manasseh's evil son Amon was assassinated after 2 years reign. God preserved David's lineage by having an 8 year old Josiah as king. The young king sought the Lord. When the Word of God was read to him, he wept and ordered all Judeans to repent and return to God. After Josiah's death, his 3 sons and 1 grandson succeeded in quick succession. Have you heard of the horrific Fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC? The lineage of David was threatened? God preserved Josiah's grandson. Jehoiachin in Babylonian prison for 37 years. Learn how God preserved Daniel and his 3 friends in t. Babylon from 6()5 BC? Learn how God used notorious King Nebuchadnezzar as His instrument and broke his pride to bow to the Sovereign God. Do you know that Daniel was the Permanent Secretary of King Nebuchadnezzar? The book ends with an encouraging note that Jehoiachin of Judea was given a seat in the Babylonian palace dining room.

The First Three Kings of Israel

Price: $39.00

God called young Samuel to serve under Priest Eli in a transitional period of Judges and Kings in Israel. The Israelites demanded for kings and not God to rule over them. Samuel anointed Saul as the 1st king of Israel. When Saul disobeyed God, Samuel chose David as a man after God's-heart. Was he perfect? Learn his failures. repentance. obedience to God through all his struggles. In order to understand the modern conflict, we need to learn that it was King David who conquered Jerusalem and declared it as the capital of Israel in 1000 BC. David's son Solomon succeeded as king and obeyed him to build the magnificent Temple. In this book you will learn the timeless principles of honouring God in our heart as His Palace and Throne.


Price: $18.00

A detailed study of the story of Noah’s ark and its relevance to our times.

"The real value of this book is the evangelistic message that it carries and its prophetic call to live faithfully for God in a world that is rapidly turning away from God." BISHOP DR ROBERT SOLOMON Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore (2000-2012)

The Soy Sauce Towkay: the story of Yeo Thian In, founder of Yeo Hiap Seng sauce factory in Singapore

Price: $18.00

This is the inspiring life story of Yeo Thian In, the founder of Yeo Hiap Seng sauce factory in Singapore, who is also the father of Rev Alfred Yeo Chee Heng. It records the transformation of a small sauce factory to a well-loved global food and beverage powerhouse. This book provides an in-depth account of Yeo Hiap Seng’s growth and business decisions such as becoming a public-listed company in1969. The ‘Yeo Hiap Seng’ name is rooted in the Christian faith. In Chinese characters, Hiap “協“consists of a cross of a “十”which stands for a cross and of three “力” (strength). This is to signify that a united family with blessing of Christ will achieve great success. For five decades, the family business lived up to its name as its members worked hard and united to grow the business from a small factory to a powerhouse in the food and beverage industry. When Thian In died in1985, YHS food products could be found in Chinatowns in major cities across the world such as Sydney, London, Paris and New York.

Kindly contact for more information or call 63371437 (Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 9am–5pm).

About the author:

Rev Dr Alfred Yeo Chee Heng was born in China and brought up in Singapore. He studied at the London Bible College (London School of Theology); pastored in the Methodist Church in Singapore for 22 years; served as Secretary of Singapore Keswick Convention; served as General Secretary of Singapore Billy Graham Crusade, Luis Palau Singapore Mission, Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore, Evangelical Fellowship of Asia, Scripture Union, Singapore, Global Day of Prayer (2006 & 2007); served on the boards of OMF, OM, Interserve, Pioneers in Asia, Trans World Reachout (Global Reachout) and the Chinese Church Union, Singapore. He is married to Rosie and is blessed with four children and seven grandchildren.

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