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Volunteer Stories - Ms Joanna Ying

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Ms Joanna Ying has been volunteering with SU since 2016.

The talented 26 year-old is currently running her own online business selling customized cakes and desserts. (our team had the privilege to savour her desserts and have been craving for more!) She is as charming and lovely as her creations!

Her first volunteering role was a co-trekker in a church camp. At that time, SU was recruiting more volunteers to care for children ranging between pre-primary school. After one year as a co-trekker, she gained confidence and found the experience very fulfilling.

Joanna progressed from a co-trekker to lead-trekker, where she was given the opportunity to help prepare lessons, props, learning aids and co-teach at church camps alongside Pastor Flora and other SU partners.

Joanna shares there were times, she felt anxious, especially during the start of an event however the orientation and icebreaker games brings about communication and connection in so many ways. Watching the children worship reminds her of King David when he was dancing in God’s presence – freely and spontaneously, moving in rhythm as the Spirit leads.

One of her greatest encouragement is when the children can remember what she has taught thus attuning their ears to what God is saying. Through the process, Joanna has gained patience, classroom management skills and confidence in public speaking. Prior to volunteering, she was very shy and dare not interact with strangers, but God has blessed her a new level of confidence and boldness!

“Not only will you touch lives but your life will be touched too..that reward is priceless”

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