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East to West Asia Community Support Group

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Regular SU regional meetings are held  and chaired by our Field Director Asia Pacific, Dr Lim Teck Boon SUI (Scripture Union International) .

SU regional heads from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea form the key support group. The various classification of countries are: E1 – country is at exploratory stage, E2– Embryonic work, E3 – Emerging Movement and E4 – Established, stable, well managed. This support group (E4 members), creates a platform for discussion on challenges and problems faced by E1 to E3 countries vis_a_vis staff/volunteer management/manpower, funding, ministry programmes, the COVID-19 situation. It is part of providing companionship to help develop the E1 to E3 countries.

Very often the exchange of ideas and learning from each SU country, enable the tapping of network resources and technology to discover new and emerging ways to promote our ministry. Through dialogue, the team also gains social-cultural knowledge as they strengthen ties and band together towards a common goal to share the Gospel.

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