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Certificate of Christian Disability Ministry Module 3 - “GROWING AS ONE BODY”

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

SU Singapore partnered with KIN (Koinonia Inclusion Network) to equip a generation of leaders wanting to serve children with special needs for churches in Singapore and beyond borders. The program was divided into 3 modules.

The concluding module, “Growing as One Body” was held on 6 and 13 March 2021 via Zoom. Participants learned how to manage and navigate through the following issues:

"Dealing with Diagnosis”

Oftentimes, families and caregivers of PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) suffer from financial stress, emotional fatigue, and spiritual disarray. They go through the Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle and will need to embrace the grief process as part of the “New Normal”. The church community (Pastors, Christian counselors, care groups, prayer groups) plays a critical role in this ecosystem in bolstering the families long-term. “Growing as One Body” means to be present and available to those who are grieving.

“Sexuality & Disability”

Sexual development begins as early as infancy. Children will be curious about the changes in their body parts. Depending on their cognitive ability, PWDs will experience sexual development and also desire for sexual relationships. As a royal priesthood, we can change the cultural narrative through sex education to ensure children grow up feeling safe and secure with their bodies.

“Leaving a Legacy”

PSNs (Persons with Special Needs) usually have pre-existing medical conditions coupled with financial strain. They are also more susceptible to experience loss of employment, financial abuse, and exploitation. What happens if the PSN’s primary caregiver passes on? How will their needs be managed? These were some of the questions addressed by a company, which provides affordable trust services for the benefit of persons with special needs.

“Pastoral Dialogue”

Panelists shared how they were led to various disability ministries and alluded that we, the church require a paradigm shift; doctrines that will shape (orthodoxy) right beliefs; (orthopraxis) right practices, and (orthopathy) right feelings, to be an inclusive community and Grow as One Body!

Testimony by Yvonne Chan: “A BIG Thank You to all the trainers and the team for putting this together. I'm blessed and encouraged that I've got the opportunity to connect with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ, to serve His people, and learn how we can be an inclusive church.”

Photo: Warmest congratulations to our first batch of graduates from the Certificate of Christian Disability Ministry!

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