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ABC (Audio Bible Contest)

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Click: ABC Promotional Video

"Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Romans 10:17). This verse illuminates a truth about the majority of our world’s population today – the only way they will ever understand the truth and hope of the Gospel is by hearing God’s Word in their own heart language.

ABC Gospel of John (The Seven Miracles)

Audio Bible Contest (ABC) is a Bible contest to empower our young children and youths so they can exercise their Bible knowledge in an unusual but more fun way! ABC enables our young participants to be equipped and saturated in God’s Word through listening to the Gospel of John in their own heart language. They can easily listen to Gospel of John and watch the movie film of Gospel of John (word for word as in the bible) through our mobile app. This greatly enables our young participants to appreciate and dive deeper in the Word of God regardless of their age and pace, which is urgently needed in a time such as this!

ABC will bring and unite all the young individuals from different churches and denominations all over Singapore and Malaysia to come and celebrate the Word of God as one body of Christ together. Furthermore, ABC is strategically set up to cater to local churches and relevant organisations so they can adapt and localize it to their community needs. Therefore, they can continue to nurture their younger generation in the Word of God with a little fun twist!!


  • The Covid-19 global pandemic has affected countries worldwide. The LIVING WORD OF GOD is a vital solution for this season, especially for the younger ones who may have been affected tremendously but are keeping silent during this unprecedented time.

  • An easy approach for allowing parents/guardians to cultivate and instill the Word of God into their children.

  • An ideal starting point to encourage our younger ones to build a firm foundation for spiritual growth, life transformation and awakening.

  • LISTENING and watching the Bible in their heart languages is made much easier, especially for those who may find reading and understanding challenging due to their young age. mobile app Participants can listen/watch/read the Gospel of John on in their heart languages, including English, Mandarin and Tamil.

Contest Details

  • Every contestant shall receive a FREE S$5 Bubble Tea VOUCHER and an E-certificate of completion. Top 3 winners will receive an Appreciation Prize! Top 5 winners will advance to the GRAND FINALE (25 Sep, Saturday) to compete for a GRAND PRIZE!

  • Available in 3 Languages: English, Mandarin and Tamil

Contest Dates and Time

  • 28 August, Saturday, 4.00-5.30pm – English (Only for Singapore)

  • 28 August, Saturday, 6.00-7.30pm – Tamil (Only for Singapore)

  • 31 August, Tuesday, 1.30-3.00pm – English (Only for Malaysia)

  • 31 August, Tuesday, 10.30am-12pm – Mandarin (Only for Malaysia)

  • 31 August, Tue, 4.30-6pm - Tamil (Only for Malaysia)

ABC will be held via Zoom with Quizizz Game Slot!!

  • Participants Registration: 26 July – 14 August. Limited Seats! First come first serve basis.

  • Open to all young participants from 6 – 16 years old (Singapore residents only).

Category 1: 6-8 years old

Category 2: 9-12 years old Category 3: 13-16 years old

Reward System

An E-certificate of completion will be awarded to EVERY contestant for participating.

How Can My Church Participate?

  • Promote, share and invite all your young children and youths to join us in this ABC on QUIZIZZ! They shall grow in God’s Word and play online with children all over Singapore/Malaysia!

  • Local churches and relevant organizations are encouraged to replicate/modify this Bible contest to meet their congregation needs. They may send their top 5 winners before 10 Sep to compete in the Grand Finale (25 Sep). Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more information.

  • Volunteer Leaders/Facilitators are welcome to come onboard and be part of the team.

How Can I participate?

  • Sign up right now! Share and invite all your young friends and relatives to join us in this ABC on QUIZIZZ!

Click => Registration (26 July – 14 August)

Registration QR CODE

Inquiry: (English/Mandarin) KeeYean Faith Leo // WhatsApp +65-91460073 (Tamil) Stanley Vijayan // WhatsApp + 65 9108 8647

Organizers: Faith Comes By Hearing Asia in collaboration with Scripture Union Singapore and Scripture Union Malaysia

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