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2021 Youth Camp "Homecoming" Testimonies

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

When God impressed upon our hearts to conduct the camp physically, most of our peers and leaders thought we had gone mad. With the ever-changing list of restrictions and safe distancing measures that we would have to impose on the campers, how could it even be possible to run a youth camp; let alone one that is fun, exciting, and meaningful for everyone?

Many were primarily concerned about the safety of the campers and how feasible it could be. But the team remained obedient to God's calling and ran the camp with caution. To begin, the team is young and lacked experience in running camps. Yet amidst the adversity, the team prayed intensely, worked really hard to raise funds, and planned the programs meticulously, with such passion! By God's divine grace, both camps were AWESOME!!! And YES, we did have 2 camps! The reason is so that we could accommodate as many campers as we could (and even so, we still had a long waiting list of those who could not join us for the camps due to the maximum capacity and safe distancing measures imposed).

Even though the team was young, they were such willing vessels and God worked through every one of them mightily. They gave nothing but the best of themselves in their service, and God honoured them by making both camps a success. Their hearts were so open to God, that He spoke to each individual and encouraged them throughout the entire journey. The lives of the leaders and campers were touched. Some who have wandered away rededicated themselves to the Lord, while some who were sitting on the fence turned to Jesus and accepted Him into their lives. Some campers who displayed zero interest in God at the start began to ask questions along the way as they experience God and the fellowship of His people during the camp. All these are made possible solely because of God. So thank You, God! May You continue to work in the lives of everyone whom you have touched in the camp. To God be the glory! 🙌

– Luke Zachary Ng

Camp Committee Leader

Everyone has their own spiritual gifts, and we need not fight or feel bad for not being able to do as well as others. I also learnt how much GOD loves me and that I have been accepted in a family of believers. And although we are not the same, I am learning to play my part no matter how small to support those who are leading and to learn from their example.

I also found the water paddling very meaningful. I have experienced city life for a long time, so I never completely understood the phrase "the waves and winds". But GOD taught me what it means through the activity. The waves are always pushed back to shore. To overcome I need to first kneel and humbly paddle till I am a good distance away from shore then can I stand.

Even when I manage to stand, I can still fall because of the waves. When I got my balance and stood still the waves kept pushing me back to shore because I wasn't paddling.

What I learnt from this is first be humble before the LORD, kneel and go the distance. When I stand, I must hold on tight to the foundation that GOD has given me. And I cannot just stand, I must paddle forward so that the gospel can be shared with the world. Not my will but YOURS be done. Not by my strength but through HIM who strengthens me. Praise and Honour be to GOD, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

– Abel Lai (Camp Leader)

God wants me. it's me who pulls away. so, I need to take one step towards God. also, God can use anyone so I should not despise others who have seemingly hopeless lives.

– Rongzi (Camp Leader)

That God is more powerful than I already thought he was. God work is many different ways and at his own timing. we should not compare our journey with God to anyone else, as we are all created uniquely and differently by God. we will all have different experiences with him, which shows how amazing he can be. everything will happen in God’s timing according to his plan, which is always the best for you. everything we have is a gift and blessing from him.

– Janelle Tay (Camper)

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