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Joshua Khoo | Associate - Administrator

Born with achondroplasia, Joshua Khoo defies limitations, embodying resilience and determination. His condition never hindered his pursuit of passion or faith. Today, he empowers youth and Christian communities by sharing his journey, urging them to embrace their potential despite adversity. As a professional photographer, Joshua has captured pivotal moments, from Singapore's GE2020 to US Vice-President Kamala Harris' visit in 2021. Beyond his role at The Scripture Union Singapore, as the founder of Little Mighty Warriors (LMW), he champions inclusivity, advocating for those with achondroplasia. Managing LMW's social media, he amplifies their voices and plans to spotlight their stories through photography, culminating in an impactful exhibition.

“I want to be a person who uses his life to impact others. Each time I serve, it’s a clear sign that God doesn’t shortchange those who serve Him wholeheartedly.”

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